3 Responses to “PostFerdy9”

  1. akmediascope Says:

    Ferdy . . . “Yes and, your point is?”

    • Robert Says:

      Well, see, up till then, bopys with *long* hair had been thought to look effeminate..

      • Robert Says:

        Heidi, it is so thrilling to know you read my posts. I told Lanford the last time we met, at a TV taping in NYC for a feature on the Cino as the Birthplace of Gay Theatre, how much I loved all of you. You have to remember that Lanford lived with me when he first hit NYC, and decamped owing two months rent, which caused me to lose my apartment. So! Last time we met, when I said, “I never understood what I had that allowed me to be among you beautiful people.” Lance replied (and you must imagine him cocking his head and delivering this in matchless Jean Kerr tones) “You had a job, Bob.” Here’s a photo of us at that last meeting. http://screencast.com/t/BvAcKnHi

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