Below are links to online VIDEOS of some of my gay plays.


MICHELANGELO’S MODELS (Mike hates to paint, but Ignudo wants to pose)

HOLLYWOOD AT SUNSET (Aaron wants to come out of the closet; Penn wants to stay in it with him)

HELLO, BOB (21 people including lovers and tricks talk to a newly-successful playwright)


ROBERT’S RULES OF ARDOR (Four gay plays “Evan on Earth,” (some nudity) “Pouf Positive,” “Sit-Com,” and “Fog,” produced and directed by Michael Martin in Chicago.

>>POUF POSITIVE (starring Terry Talley, who created the role)

>>POUF POSITIVE & BREAD ALONE (two gay one–acts)

>>POUF POSITIVE (Thomas Schumacher stars as Robin Wood, directed by Andrew Adam Caldwell in October of 1990 at Lewis-Clark State College.

ODD NUMBER (gay one-act)

FOG (gay one-act)

AFTER BRUNCH (gay skit)


“THE HOLY HOOKER” read by Yours Truly (Mary Magdalene works up and down the Fertile Crescent in between the testaments)


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